There's no getting away from it – there's a new way to play music

There's an unstoppable revolution taking place in the way 21st century consumers play music and it’s all down to the power of their mobiles. soundjack is at the vanguard of this movement, a free to download music app which enables your customers to use their phone to choose the music in your venue without leaving the comfort of their seat! By making the selection of music a social and experiential activity, soundjack represents a zero cost method of increasing footfall and extending dwell-time. To use soundjack, customers can be charged or it can be for free – it’s your decision; they are your customers.

soundjack will be launched in the UK in early 2014 and will initially be available on over 6000 digital jukebox sites. A soundjack BGM service will be ready in Summer 2014.

Connecting with a whole new demographic

Currently less than 20% of adults make a selection from a pub jukebox. soundjack extends this opportunity to a wider audience – everyone will have the power to play with soundjack.

Boasting a myriad of social media applications, soundjack genuinely connects people with music as the centrepiece for engagement. soundjack is compatible with other social media routes enabling your customers to log-in, Tweet or Facebook Share to help spread the word. For your business this results in more frequent visits, improved awareness and increased time spent in your venue.

Why soundjack?

The soundjack app makes music selection easy; having access to the largest music library in the world and presents exclusive access to content from the Official Charts Company. soundjack is designed to make music selection in pubs and bars fun and part of a memorable experience, whilst helping you to create income and utilize a unique social marketing opportunity.

Soundjack will be launched with a fully fledged marketing and advertising campaign. This will include - branded marketing collateral for participating sites, hospitality trade events, advertising and pr campaign in business media, consumer facing PR strategy with ‘events’ and an extensive social networking marketing campaign.

At Soundnet we see soundjack as the next step in our company’s long history. We are putting everything behind soundjack – you need to join us.